Croc at the Sanctuary

Croc at Bush Wildlife Sanctuary

This fella was catching some sun at the Bush Wildlife Sanctuary.  This is just one of the few hidden gems in the area.  Unless you have been in the area for any length of time you would never know it exists.  Tucked quietly in the Jupiter Commerce Park, the sanctuary treats over 3,000 sick and injured animals a year.  However, all the animals appear to be healthy and it is as though you stepped into the local mini-zoo. 

It is small in comparison to your city zoo, but it is great to take the kids for a quick outing.  There you will find many of the usual zoo animals including snakes, alligators, fox, birds and you will even find a fierce panther prowling around.  There’s a great gift shop on the premises and picnic tables to feed your lil’ hungry crew!  The best part of it all…it’s FREE!


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