Staging Your Home

The increasingly popular niche in the real estate market is staging your home.  So much so there are books now based on the subject.  I was perusing TheHomeMag early this morning when I came across an ad for Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches.  Hmmm…there is definitely public interest here.  I had to find out more and called the number listed.  I spoke with Fernando who was driving back from Orlando in a huge down pour of rain.  He sent me to his website and couldn’t believe that not only does Fernando stage homes, but he is also a professional chef! 

home-staging.jpghome-staging.jpgFernando made it out of the rain and called me back.  He gave me permission to post a picture of one of his latest stagings.  He had some great success stories such as the house recently listed, staged and sold within three weeks.  That is almost unheard of in todays slow market.  I recommend a staging and catering for an open house for anyone ready to sell their home!




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2 responses to “Staging Your Home

  1. It was a great pleasure to have supplied the information . I look forward to helping everyone in Staging their property so that they can get the most equity for their property !
    and always remember…
    “the Investment in Staging will always be a lot less than your first price reduction”

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