Fall In Jupiter Florida

Written By Susanne Quirk 

I thought I would blog about something light this morning since it is Saturday.  It is great to be home (and still in my pj’s thank you!) and the kids are still sleeping cozily in their beds.  Right now, it’s all good!

(Note:  Actual posting time is 9:30 a.m.  WordPress time stamp is off and I haven’t figured out how to change it.  Any techies out there know how to fix this???)

Today is the first day of Fall and now that I have been in Florida for seven years I have definitely come to appreciate the season.  I grew up in Virginia and stayed as a willing, happy citizen up until my move here to Jupiter, Florida (Okay, okay…here it is…thirty-three years in Virginia.  You can do the math and figure out the rest). 

I look outside my office window and see what the first day of Fall looks like in Florida.  It looks the same as yesterday and the 2,615 days since my arrival here.  The sun is peeking out and the wet sidewalks from last nights fierce thunderstorm are quickly drying.  Our street is lined with luscious, green palms on neatly trimmed lawns without one drop of a leaf.  There are no longer views of leaves changing to beautiful hues of red, yellow and orange.  No towering piles of leaves that need to be raked.  However, we do have one thing in common.  It does get a little cooler in both states.  However, in Florida (at least South Florida) it doesn’t lead to cold weather.  The average temperature over the next three months is a warm 77 degrees.

Sometimes when there is an overcast, I’ll experience a soft breeze that takes me back to the Fall days in Virginia.  I enjoy those rare times which brings back wonderful memories.  It fulfills my need to be back home.  It doesn’t take much because I can’t imagine living anywhere but Jupiter, Florida.  Even in the hot summers and hurricane seasons, there is no place as beautiful as where I am now.  It’s even better than our travels to the Caribbean.

Anyone looking to relocate, find a second home or find a home in a nearby town should find Jupiter and the surrounding towns a great place to live.  Our area consists of a high margin of families relocating, seasonal/part-time citizens and is experiencing a rapid growth in development (see Biotech).  


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