Juno Beach and Jupiter Housing Market Scorecard Reveals Higher Housing Prices

Written By Joe Quirk

Today’s Palm Beach Post has a detailed  story on home sales in the 1st half of 2007 vs 2006.  The Post routinely puts a negative slant on the real estate industry, sales, construction, prices, etc.  This article is no different.  What’s funny about this particular story is that you don’t have to look to far to see some really great “positive” news.

“HOUSING MARKET SCORECARD”      Palm Beach Post 9/24/07

Juno Condominiums                   Juno Single Family                 Juno Townhouses

# Sold  – Medium Price          # Sold  – Medium Price         # Sold  – Medium Price

  06    07      06         07             06    07     06         07              06    07        06           07

 45    53    $425k  $462k        4       3    $465k   $475k      19      6        $489k   $498K

Sales prices are up in all categories.  Units sold are up in condos, flat in single family homes and down in townhouses. 

Jupiter Condominiums             Jupiter Single Family                  Jupiter Townhouses

# Sold  – Medium Price          # Sold  – Medium Price              # Sold  – Medium Price

06    07      06         07              06    07     06         07                 06    07        06           07

293 163 $355k   $295k        259  267  $465k   $475k       190 135     $329k  $280k

Jupiter’s condo and townhouse markets are definitely down but look at the single family houses. Single family sales and prices are both up.

In conclusion:  The real estate market in the area will continue to ebb and flow over time. Prices in some areas will continue to go down while in other areas they will go up. Supply and demand will always impact the price of housing as it does in all commodities.

As a buyer, there are some great opportunities out there today. Pick your investments wisely and do your homework.

As a seller, depending on where you live (location, location, location!), “you will get more money for your house this year vs. last year!!!” 

Contact us with your real estate questions.  We can be reached through comments on our blog, e-mail or instant messaging.  Get fast response from a real estate professional.  Your privacy is protected – we do not reveal names or personal information.


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