Dining Out In Palm Beach Gardens

Written by Susanne Quirk

100_2173.JPGWe went to III Forks Saturday night.  It’s the new steakhouse in the Midtown section on PGA Boulevard.  Joe knows that I am a huge steak eater.  (I grew up on steak and potatoes and as my hubby and close friends have found, I consistently order the same thing no matter where we eat – filet mignon and I’d like it Oscar’d please!)  So, he thought it would be only fitting to treat me to a steak since it was our anniversary…what a great guy.

The restaurant is tucked in with a few other businesses now open in the new Midtown district.  Valet parking is provided.  The restaurant is your typical old style steakhouse – dark mahogany paneling, low lights and the staff is dressed in black and white. 

Upon entering the restaurant, you get a view of the walk-in wine cellar which is both big and impressive.  Our table was not ready so we squeezed our way through the crowd to get to the bar for a drink.  The bar area was very spacious with plenty of bar tables for casual dining.  There is also a piano for live entertainment.

On the positive side, the restaurant is beautiful and is drawing a large crowd.  The menu is not completely a la carte.  Your entree comes with a vegetable and potatoes.  Salad is extra.  Included with the entree are fresh tomatoes and spring onions and presented to you on a platter.

We tried to take into consideration that the establishment is new and the staff is still learning.  However, by the end of the evening, we could clearly see that the customer service needed some work.  The hostess  handed us the menu before we were seated.   It took some time for the waiter to greet us.  He didn’t seem to be receptive to our polite, but constructive criticism when we noted that the lobster bisque was cold and as Joe put it, “coagulated.”  There was a long wait between courses but the waiter was quick to get back to the table to see the size of the tip that Joe left.

For the price, I would expect the experience to be a little more memorable in terms of entree, dessert and service.  It wasn’t outstanding but it was good.  I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it again if friends or family were interested in eating there.

We make it a point to “rank order” the various Steak House’s in the area and I think we will “pencil in” our ranking of III Forks only because of the “newness” of the restaurant but rest assured, they did not knock off our number one spot.  

I promised Joe that I would not disclose the name of our best steak house just yet. 

Tell us your favorite Steak House.  We would love to try it.



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11 responses to “Dining Out In Palm Beach Gardens

  1. Tony

    As one of your friends, we’d like to take you up on the offer of trying III Forks again as we’ve not been there! Kudos to Joe for taking you somewhere special on your special night!
    BTW, Ruth’s Chris is our choice for the perfect steak.

  2. You’re on. Looking forward to it Tony.

  3. I will try this restaurant (haven’t yet. But right now my favorite steakhouse would be Shula’s at the PGA National….Yummo the service is awesome and food excellente !!

  4. Gloria

    We tried III Forks this past Sunday. It was excellent! Service from Steven was impeccable! We received a complimentary split of champagne and picture of the two of us as it was our anniversary. Food was outstanding and served timely and very hot. We enjoyed having fresh sides with our delectable steaks. The house salad with crisp apples, pecans, and maple vinagrette was superb. If they continue like this, I would say they have their servicing issues resolved. By the way, Shula’s at PGA National has closed……

  5. Awesome, glad to hear it. You owe us a dinner date! Happy Anniversary to you and Tony!

  6. Adam

    Well I just found this blog, but I have to join in as I am a huge steak eater. I have yet to try III Forks, but I am very interested in doing so. Due to my job, I get to eat at some of the best restaurants around. I personally like the Strip House located at Downtown at the Gardens. Food has always een excellent, and you have to ask for table 101 and for Jeff to be your server. We are also getting a Capital Grill at Legacy which will be nice when it openes. New York Prime in Boca is also one of the best in my opinion.

  7. Welcome Adam. Thanks for joining us and the recommendations. We look forward to future recommendations from you.

  8. Luke Anthony

    This is an interesting blog, because my passion is dining out. My friend and I eat out everday, sometimes a couple of times. We will go all the way to Naples (at Cafe Lurcat) to eat. We just recently ate at III Forks. My friend was very impressed, much more than I. The meat was extraordinary. She had filet-mignon. I hade pepper steak with no flavor, and a bit too much fat. The service was good, but not exceeding our expectations. The bread pudding was killer!

  9. I’m glad you enjoy the blog Luke. Spoto’s Oyster Bar has the best bread pudding I’ve tasted in the area so far. I’ll definitely have to try the bread pudding the next time we visit III Forks.

  10. Lou

    Been here almost a year after relocating from San Diego. Lots of Thai restaurants in Cali. Let me rephrase that. “Lot’s of good Thai restaurants in Cali.” I’ve already given up on finding any good Chinese food in Jupiter or the Gardens. Any good suggestions regarding Thai food? Been to a few local ones that are not worth a mention.

    P.S. – I think it’s silly to valet park in Palm Beach Gardens, unless you are over 60. Regarding the 60 and under crowd, don’t leave the valet a tip of less than $5 if you’re drunk. They do call the cops on cheap tippers, who are a little tipsy themselves.

  11. I don’t eat Thai that often and couldn’t make a decent recommendation for you. However, have you tried looking at the Palm Beach Post or SouthFloridaDines.com reviews? Good luck and let us know if you find a great place for Thai!

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