Proposed School Boundary Changes Loom Over Jupiter Families


Written by Susanne Quirk

Palm Beach County has experienced considerable growth in the past few years.  As a result, boundary changes occur to reduce overcrowding in the schools.  The changes have stirred a lot of emotions with Jupiter residents, causing county officials and residents to lash out at each other due to the latest pending changes that will effect students at Lighthouse Elementary and Beacon Cove Intermediate.

It is a known fact that when families are searching for a new home, one main consideration is the school their children will attend.  Parents are willing to pay more money to live in a neighborhood within an “A” rated school. zones  The calls at Cobblestone Realty start coming in a couple of months before the end of each school year and throughout the summer with parents desperately looking for a place to live in specific “A-rated” communities so their children can attend the best schools.

Those efforts are often destroyed when the school board imposes boundary changes and, understandably, some very angry parents begin to emerge.  Currently, parents in North Palm Beach Heights and the Bluffs are fighting to keep their children at Lighthouse Elementary and Beacon Cove.  The 03-X Palm Beach Gardens Area (Mirosol) changes are detailed in the studies provided on the ABC calendar.

Parents affected by the proposal are urged to attend the upcoming meetings and let your voice be heard.  Two future meetings to attend include:

Proposed boundary change for 03-X Mirosal Elementary
Monday, October 29, 2007
Independence Middle School
6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria
4001 Greenway Drive
Jupiter, Florida 33458
(561) 799-7500

Advisory Committee Meeting
November 1, 2007
6:30-9:00 p.m.
FHESC Boardroom

Check the ABC Calendar for meeting details.

Having gone though the recent changes effecting the Jupiter High School/William T. Dwyer boundaries, we strongly urge that you stay on top of the meetings, plan your strategies and contact your public officials often to voice your concerns. The Palm Beach County School Board carries the ultimate decision regrading boundary changes.  



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2 responses to “Proposed School Boundary Changes Loom Over Jupiter Families

  1. Lisa Whitmer

    very upset on proposed rezoning of Lighthouse Elem; have 6 year old who is well adj to this school and has a short school bus ride. moved to PB Country Estates specifically for this elementary school and have 2 additional children who will be in school shortly. do not want them on 95 for several miles when we have a perfectly appropriate elem sch in our geographic area. what about these very young children attempting to estab peer relationship – school friends will live in an expanded area making it near impossible to have play dates. we, in the estates, are very upset wut

  2. Lisa,
    We can appreciate your frustration. We have had the same experience with our children in high school. As well, we moved to a specific neighborhood for our children to attend a certain high school. Although things did not go as we had wished for, we feel we did everything possible to have our voice heard by attending board meetings. Fortunately, the school they now attend is a high rated school and continues to improve and meet their goals. As well, my interactions with the teachers, counselors and staff have exceeded my expectations. All have been attentive and responsive to our children’s needs. We hope the combined efforts of the opponents wins out, but if you must change, we trust that you will receive the same positive results as we have. We wish you luck and please keep us informed.

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