Talks of Math Institute Coming To Scripps in Jupiter

biotechnology.jpgWritten by Susanne Quirk 

An article in the Palm Beach Post today announced that Courant Institute at New York University and Scripps Research Institute have initiated discussions for the math institute to do business in Jupiter, Florida.  The institute specializes in mathematics, computer science and atmoshpereocean science.  The President of the institute stated that they would make a move “because there would be great synergies between us and Scripps and Max Planck.”

The Max Planck society issued a Press Release where President, Peter Gruss, stated that “Scripps and Max Planck are a dream team for innovative basic research in bio-medicine.”  Palm Beach County has worked long and hard to bring leading research institutes from throughout the world.  Their efforts in positioning our county as the premiere hub for biotechnology is proving to be successful.

Scripps Florida currently has 160 faculty and staff here in Jupiter.  Our previous post on the Max Planck Society estimated about 90 staff members could arrive as early as January.  There are no indications if more will follow and whether Courant Institute has considered the size of their research staff to be housed at the FAU campus.  This development, along with Scripps and Max Planck Society, would be a positive addition to our community.  However, all three initiatives are positive forces that will help encourage future growth and development for new businesses and help stimulate our housing market. 


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