Home Decor Tips

Written by Susanne Quirk

It seems that our readership is hungry for information on home decorating and staging. Some readers just want to update their homes for personal satisfaction and others are on a mission to stage their home to sell. Whatever the reason may be, I always find it helpful to find inspiration through friends, family and the world wide web. Here are a few helpful hints I came up with:

I picked up this beautifully woven storage chest at Target. I absolutely love this addition to our family room because I store our100_2265.jpg toddler’s toys in it. My living room no longer looks like a playpen. Appearance is everything when selling your home. Show it off as your home where buyers will feel relaxed and comfortable.

My sister has become the home improvement guru in her house. She recently installed a customized closet organizer in her master bedroom. When shopping around, she found that having one professionally installed would cost over $6,000! Yikes. She found a great website (EasyClosets.com), planned the layout, ordered the materials and viola! She now has a beautiful walk-in closet and saved over $4,000 installing it herself! She has a great blog that is great to refer to for home decorating and scrapbooking.

UPDATE: I just spoke with my sister and she said that any Costco member can receive up to 20% of from EasyClosets.com. You will need to make the purchase through Costco to receive the discount. In addition, EasyClosets.com also advertises FREE SHIPPING for orders over $1,000!


HGTV.com has a great decorating blog called Design Happens Blog. Their website has some great decorating tips for every room in your 100_2270.jpghouse. I love their site. In fact, one of our recent postings from HGTV.com has been one of our most popular postings to date. See their home staging suggestions.

Flor.com happens to have one of the best ideas created for the home. They are carpet tiles of all different colors and patterns to use anywhere throughout your home. You can use them as an area rug, runner, or completely carpet your home. The best part about it is you can replace a tile as needed.

If preparing your house to sell is too much for you to think about, have a professional in Home Staging take care of it for you.

We’d like to hear from you. Comment back to us and send us your ideas and suggestions.






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4 responses to “Home Decor Tips

  1. Hi Sussanne! Great blog , love the chest I was driving around my neighborhood on Sunday .(when people throw their garbage away) you know one man’s garbage could be another mans treasure. I found a chest similar to yours and it looked weathered , so I stained it and glaze it it looks amazing now. Creativity is the trick. Im sure if the old owner of the chest sees it they would want it back! thanks for sharing the closet organizer web site…nice

  2. Love the chest as well. About staging, it’s sad but there are so many homes for sale now that need the help of stagers. So many homes have been sitting on the market, many vacant ones too. Sad to say that even if you do stage a home it still may not sell. But mix in staging with a very competitive price and you home is sure to sell. My favorites are HGTV and Fine Living!


  3. So true, Christine. Pricing and appearance is crucial when selling your home. LOVE your website!! Count me in as a regular visitor!

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