Hidden Gem In Jupiter

Dune DogBy Susanne Quirk

Today, I was out running errands and was reminded of one of Jupiter’s hidden gems, Dune Dog Cafe. A casual cafe that reminds me of Jimmy Buffet, Key West and Margaritas. Don’t get me wrong – it is definitely a great family place. It is a place where every local has dined (embarrassed to mention if you haven’t) and a must visit for every tourist, family or friends visiting the area. If you’ve been to Jupiter, then you’ve been to the Dune Dog.

The Dune Dog Cafe is tucked away off of Alt A1A in Jupiter. An open, outdoor cafe where the relaxed atmosphere makes me feel as though I should be kicked back on a boat listening to Jimmy Buffet. A nice little reminder you are in paradise! And the icing on the cake? Thursday night is lobster night for $15! Can’t beat that. They also have your usual fare – hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, etc. Let us know about your hidden gem.



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3 responses to “Hidden Gem In Jupiter

  1. Are we going when we visit?

  2. Definitely, Bobby will love it!

  3. I love that place! In my opinion, Jupiter restaurants are some of the best in south Florida.

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