Selling Your Home In 30 Days

sold.jpgBy Joe Quirk

Barbara Corcoran was on the Today Show recently with tips to Sell Your Home In 30 Days.  Some good tips to help homeowners focus on the important factors when selling their home and one very misleading tip that I would not recommend.  

1. Go online and shop for your own house.Most homeowners start their research online and that is a great start.  It gives you an understanding of where you are at in the market.  Many sites like, Trulia, and Zillow will allow you to search for current listing for selling prices and prices of recent homes sold.

2.  Find the least expensive 5 houses like yours and price it 5% below those prices.  I find this recommendation to be nothing more than media fluff.  It sounds great to the masses, but this is not a common strategy used among Realtors®.  Current selling prices won’t necessarily place you in the ball park for what the buying market is demanding.  It’s not what the houses are selling for, but what the houses have sold for, when they sold and other factors in the market that determine your selling price. 

We are in a very different market that is changing rapidly.  Pricing a home based on homes sold two months ago may lead you in the wrong direction.  Sellers vary in their reasons for pricing their homes and in a down market it is usually priced high.  Take considerable time in discussing the sale price of your home with your Realtor®.  It is a primary factor on the success of the sale of your home.  Following the advise of your Realtor® will increase the chances of selling your home. 

3.  Get rid of the clutter.  Envision when you walk through a model home.  What do you see?  It is functional – the furniture has a purpose.  Aunt Mary’s extra sofa isn’t sitting in the dining room.  There are pictures, but very few.  As Barbara mentioned,  buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home.  Get rid of the excess family pictures.  You may want to replace picture collections with  framed prints that accent the colors and furniture in your home.  Get rid of all papers.  Go through your closets and store extra linens, etc. elsewhere.

4.  Make your home look picture perfect like a model home.  Provide plenty of light throughout your home.  Buyers purchase homes that have plenty of lighting because it makes your home seem bigger and brighter. 

5.  Clean your home.  Replace old shower curtains and  put fresh towels in your bathrooms.  If you have children, have your Realtor® show your home by appointment only to help relieve the pressure of keeping everything in order all the time.  Hire a cleaning crew if you cannot do the job yourself and always make sure that your home smells inviting. Light a few scented candles and if you have pets, make sure that those odors are eliminated prior to showings

6.  Hire a killer Broker.  At the end of the day, what will get your house seen will be its exposure to the buying market. Your Realtor® will have the ability to show your home to more people in less time than if you try to sell it by yourself. That’s not to say some homeowners don’t sell their homes on their own, but that type of transaction is more probable in a “seller’s market” than the market we are in today.

If your want to sell your house, consider these tips but always contact a Realtor® to represent you .  Feel free to contact us for more information on who may best represent you.


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  1. Great tips. Thats the way to go when you are in a slow market. We are a bit lucky here in Abbotsford. Its still goinn.

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