Trump Says Now Is When Fortunes Are Made In Real Estate

Donald Trump sat down Thursday night with Jim Cramer of Mad Money (see video) to discuss the current economy. Although the discussion covered a variety of economic topics, what was most appealing to me was his thoughts on real estate. For quite some time now we have been advising our clients that the time to buy is now. In his interview with Cramer, Trump confirmed our advice and said, “…now is when fortunes are made in real estate.”

Now, that is not to say that everyone is interested in making a fortune. But, everyone wants to get a good deal. Remember, getting a good deal doesn’t mean waiting until the market has bottomed out. As I have said before, no one knows when that will be. Just know when you have a good deal in front of you and take advantage of it. There are good deals out there now.

We know that Fed Chair, Bernanke, is expected to lower interest rates again at the end of the month. Yesterday, President Bush announced a $140 billion stimulus package will be formulated to ward of a recession. Both are positive signs that our economy will improve and the housing market will benefit from it. All these efforts will provide a window of opportunity for attractive housing prices before prices begin to climb again due to consumer demands. Interestingly enough, Trump, who has investments throughout the nation, sees that the only two places in the nation doing well are Manhattan and our Palm Beach. We live in a unique area that does not follow the nation when it comes to the housing market.

As Trump stated, you have to find the right deal and the right place. We mentioned in a previous posting that developers are providing great incentives to purchase a home now (see Buying a Resale Home vs. Buying a New Home). We have a strong knowledge base of residential and investment opportunities in the area. Contact Cobblestone Realty for a qualified Realtor® to help you through the buying process.

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2 responses to “Trump Says Now Is When Fortunes Are Made In Real Estate

  1. You make a good point. Being able to recognize a good deal and jump on it is the essence of a wise investment. Sometimes, good deals pass you by while someone else gets them because you didn’t act on time.

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