While I Was Out…

Written by Susanne Quirk

We’ve been away for awhile and for good reason. I have spent the last few weeks in class acquiring my 63 hours of class time required to obtain a real estate license. I spent a few long days stuck in a classroom, studied like an animal for the state exam and I am happy to say that I am now licensed and glad that part is over! I look forward to a new career in real estate. I have learned a lot about the real estate industry in the past few years and know that the work experience I gain in the business will only enhance our blog.

I plan to focus on Juno Beach oceanfront properties and the surrounding areas. We have been residents of Juno Beach for quite a few years and it makes perfect sense to focus in that area of the estate market. As Offices Under Renovationwell, Cobblestone Realty has agents that focus on many areas of real estate market in the Jupiter and surrounding areas. Our agents focus on every facet of the residential real estate market. We provide services for those interested in buying a home, selling a home, investing and renting. Our agent, Vicki Copani, has many years of experience in commercial real estate as well. If you are interested in any of these areas, please contact Cobblestone Realty at (561) 743-0007.

I drove by the future offices for Cobblestone Realty. The renovations are coming along quite well. The offices and renovations are complete inside the building. Now our attention is focused on the outside of the building where the contractors are applying a facelift to the front of the building and a complete restoration of the parking lot. We expect the building will be complete in June.


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