Cobblestone Realty to Sponsor Florida Marlins Basebowl Tournament

Basebowl Tournament

Basebowl Tournament

Cobblestone Realty is proud to sponsor the Florida Marlins Spring Training Basebowl Tournament.   We will join Marlins players John Baker and Mike Rabelo at Jupiter Lanes on Saturday, March 21, 2009 at 5:00 pm in Jupiter, Florida to kick-off the Marlins 2009 season.  All proceeds will benefit the Quantum House, the Marlins-Cardinals Fund and Florida Marlins Community Foundation.

On hand to compete from Cobblestone Realty will be “LizBet” Proce, Mary Howarth, Vicki Copani and Renee Straubinger, Joe & Susanne Quirk and John & Jennifer Holland. will be on hand to compete against .  Included are a variety of activities including visits by Billy The Marlin, the Mermaids, silent auction, raffle items and awards for the top bowler and team.  Come cheer us on.


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